APC Updates

Allen J. identified three more tracks that played in APC episodes:

* Defenders of the Sky – Hubert Clifford (plays in “Altruists”)

* In the Hideaway – Jack Shaindlin (plays in “Ren Seeks Help”)

* Perplexity – Jack Shaindlin (plays in “Altruists”)


“An Abe Divided”, “Double Header”, “Hermit Ren”, and “Space Madness” Updates

I checked out the second volume of Capitol Library and discovered another new track name:  “Absolute Zero” by Bruce Campbell, which plays in “An Abe Divided”, “Hermit Ren”, and “Space Madness”.  You can hear a sample here!

EDIT:  I found another one from the same album:  “Moon Journey – The Launching” by Frank Talley plays in “Double Header”.

“Stupid Sidekick Union” & Other Updates

Allen J. identified “Slapstick Effects 16″ by David Bell as playing in the episode.

Also, Lugamo94 identified specific arrangments of certain classical tracks:

“1. “Denza: Funiculi Funicula” by Lee Ashley [OGM] (title card of “Rubber Nipple Salesmen”).
2. “Johann Strauss: Overture to Die Fledermaus” by Lee Ashley [OGM] (title card of “Ren’s Toothache”).
3. “DEBUSSY: Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun” by Lee Ashley [OGM] (right before “Magical Effect (e)” on “Powdered Toast Man”).
4. “TCHAIKOVSKY: Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies from The Nutcracker” by Lee Ashley [OGM] (yak in bathroom on the Yak Shaving Day segment from “Space Madness / The Boy Who Cried Rat”).”

Thanks to both!

Quick Updates

A couple more updates, this time to “City Hicks” and “Stimpy’s Pet”.  In the latter, I identified a new track:  “Bass Tension” by Simon Benson and Eugenio Grandi.

“Space Dogged” Update

In preparing for writing a blog post on this episode, I noticed there were some gaps missing, especially at the beginning.  In the process of filling them in, I identified a new track:  “Wargames Linking Section (b)” by Keith Mansfield.